Paresh Rawal’s reply to Naseeruddin Shah did not ‘raise stones, nor caught the hair’

Paresh Rawal’s reply to Naseeruddin Shah did not ‘raise stones, nor caught the hair’

“There has been a lot of poison spread in the country’s environment, again it is difficult to shut down this genie in the bottle.”

Some such statements were made by noted Hindi film actor Naseeruddin Shah.

Expressing his feelings, he said that he worries about his childhood that no one should ask him whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim.

He said, “What will my children tell me because they have not trained them for religion. I do not feel afraid of this environment but I feel embarrassed.”

But Naseeruddin Shah does not have any reason to comment on these things, noted actor and BJP MP Paresh Rawal.

He says, “Naseer said this, it is the proof that there is freedom of expression in this country. Even after saying so much of that, no one has raised the stone, nor has someone caught your hair.”

Paresh Rawal is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Uri’. Paresh Rawal said in the interaction with the BBC that he did not have any objection with the words of Nasir.

Explaining the reasons for this, he says that Narendra Modi is the leader of the government he is talking about. That is Narendra Modi who ruled 14 years in Gujarat.

“I had noticed that there was not a single day in the media at that time when Modi did not receive abuses on the first page or the last page of the newspaper, that too for 14 years.”

“Despite all this, no journalist has ever been stopped or threatened to close the newspaper.”

“Modi is often saying that if your roti roti is done by scolding me, then I can become the reason for your happiness. Even after so much, in these 14 years, there was no curfew in Gujarat or riots in these 14 years.”

Paresh Rawal says that in such a situation, you will say that the government will not keep us safe, put in jail, will put journalists in jail.

“The matter which has been investigated at Amnesty International is because it has sneaked up, but did the investigation of those people who abused Mr Modi?”

“Paresh Rawal, while emphasizing his point, said that Modi will not do anything to the people. Secondly, it is proof of this that you have the freedom of expression in the country.”

Paresh Rawal says that you spoke in this country, it is proof that you live in this country. You did not leave this country.

“Even after you speak, you have not had any reaction, it is proof that whatever you say, want, understand, there are no circumstances. Nobody has raised you with stones, no one has your hair Hold on, what is the fear? “

“It is sad that such things get Pakistan chance, as in this case Imran Khan has spoken.”

“It was very good that Nasir Bhai spoke to you that you should take your country. Congressmen also joined them. Nasir Bhai, you go ahead, we are with you.”

Paresh about the wave running on social media says that you do anything else looks evil to others.

“I remember when Modi visited Pakistan on his birthday to meet Nawaz Sharif, then some gossip had said that he had gone to the cake.”

“They do not understand that Modi had gone there to build a relationship there. The cake does not get found in Delhi, Mumbai or Gujarat, he went to establish a relationship.”

“If you are of the enemy country and I reach your happy time, then you will not think that it has come here to trust me, it loves me, then see how strong it is in a relationship.”

“They wanted to show you that you came to trust in your house, or else there could be anything inside that country.”

“When he shot Benazir Bhutto at a rally there, Modi had gone completely unarmed to meet him and tell him how much we love him, but people did not leave the media on the other, and even after getting told why? Not stopped offensive. “

“I would like to say to those stupid people that the attack is going on since 1947 and they will continue to move. Pakistan is not a country that can improve on a cake.”

Artists such as Vicky Kaushal, Yami Gautam, Paresh Rawal have played the part in the film Uri
“I too in Modi’s biopic”
Recently, Suresh Oberoi, father of actor Vivek Oberoi has released the poster of the film while announcing the biopic on the biography of Narendra Modi.

Vivek Oberoi plays the role of Narendra Modi in this. It was being said that actor Paresh Rawal will also play the character of Narendra Modi. Paresh Rawal on this question says that I am also doing the biopic of Narendra Modi. Biopic is only one. and

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