Why Trump Shoots His Secret Heads

US President Donald Trump has called the intelligence agencies of his own country as naive in the case of Iran and dismissed his assessment of North Korea.

The UN has also banned Iran’s import of belistic missile technology.

Trump tweeted, “Beware of Iran, intelligence officials should go back to school.”

US intelligence officials said in its assessment of global security threats that Iran is not making nuclear weapons.

Trump has reacted with this and has responded.

Intelligence officials also said in their assessment that North Korea is unlikely to leave its nuclear program.

National Intelligence Director Dan Coates and other intelligence chiefs presented their Worldwide Threat Assessment Report (assessment of global threats) before the Senate on Tuesday.

In May last year, President Donald Trump had separated the United States from the nuclear deal with Iran.

Over the past year, the US had separated from the historic nuclear deal with Iran in 2015. President Trump’s decision was criticized not only in America but throughout the world.

Last year, Trump had taken concrete measures to improve diplomatic relations with North Korea, along with the North Korean leader Kim Jong, who also met him.

After this visit, Trump had said that Kim has agreed to free North Korea from nuclear weapons.

After meeting Kim, Trump had said that now the nuclear threat of North Korea has ended. Although many experts questioned this claim of Trump

The report also warns about possible cyber attacks from Russia and China. It has been said in the report that both the countries can try to influence Presidential elections in 2020.

It has also been said in the report that the leaders of North Korea consider destructive weapons necessary for the existence of their power and there is no possibility of ending North Korea’s own weapons program.

What did Trump say about Iran?

Trump has said in his tweet that the American intelligence officers are na├»ve and inaccurate in the case of Iran’s threats.

Trump said that Iran is causing trouble only in the Middle East but also outside it, but since it has been separated from America’s ‘useless Iran agreement’ it has changed quite a bit.

However, Trump also said that Iran still remains a source of potential risks and conflicts. He also cited the rockets being fired by Iran in recent times.

CIA Director Gina Hospel had said before the Senate that if technically seen, Iran is following the nuclear deal.

The United States has separated from this agreement and has imposed strict sanctions on Iran.

However, in the Intelligence report, it has been warned that Iran’s territorial ambitions and better military capabilities can be a threat to the future of the US interests.

In the past year, Trump had to face severe criticism from Democrats and Republican leaders. He defended Russia on charges of Russian intervention in the 2016 US elections.

US intelligence agencies reached the conclusion that Russia occupied the presidential elections. Intelligence agencies had said that Russia was making efforts to fight Democrat Hillary Clinton against the elections.

But after a direct meeting with the Russian President in Helsinki in July 2018, Trump had said that Russia has no reason to interfere in the US elections.

However, within 24 hours of criticism, he tried to overturn his statement.

USA’s Special Investigation Officer Robert Muller is conducting independent investigations into allegations of Russian occupation in the presidential elections.

President Trump has repeatedly said that these investigations are an attempt to get revenge from them.

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