Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘Drunken’ Viral Video Result

Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘Drunken’ Viral Video Result in My Post

A video of Priyanka Gandhi, the new general secretary of the Congress, is being shared on social media, by which people are claiming to be drunk in their liquor.

In this video of nearly 10 seconds, Priyanka Gandhi appears to be roaring on media people.

Some people have shared that part of the 6-second video, in which Priyanka Gandhi is heard saying “Now you will stand up and walk silently.”

This video is so blurry that it will be seen that black pits have fallen under Priyanka Gandhi’s eyes.

These videos have been shared hundreds of times with many big Facebook pages and groups including ‘I am with Yogi Adityanath’, ‘Rajput army’ and ‘Modi Mission 2019’.

When Priyanka got angry …

Reverse Image Search shows that this video is from Thursday, April 12, 2018.
On the evening of April 12, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had appealed on social media to join the ‘Midnight Protest’ against India on the India Gate against the Kadua and Unnao Rape Case.

In January 2018, a minor girl from Bakarwal community was gangraped and murdered in Kathua district of Jammu. At the same time a few days ago, BJP leader Kuldeep Singh Sengar was accused of allegedly raping a minor girl in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. Both cases had caught a lot and they had demonstrations throughout the country.

Rahul Gandhi’s younger sister Priyanka Gandhi had joined her daughter Mirya and husband Robert Vadra in protest against the April 12 protests in Delhi. The main slogan of this protest was- ‘Modi Bhagao, save the country’.

Rahul and Priyanka, both of whom were involved in this demonstration, began to get close to their leaders in the Congress workers, and Priyanka Gandhi too had difficulty in reaching the main demonstration site of India Gate.

According to some reports, Priyanka Gandhi was upset with her and her daughter Mirya.

When he reached the main demonstration site, he told the party workers and media workers, “Once you think what you are doing, now you will be standing quietly till you reach that home.”

According to all the reports of 12-13 April 2018, it is OK to say that Priyanka Gandhi was angry with media workers and party workers, but in any report she did not get the point of ‘being drunk’.

Since the formation of Priyanka Gandhi as the General Secretary of the Congress party, the content of propaganda against them is being shared fast in right-wing groups.

Many people have posted on social media linking this old video of Priyanka Gandhi to the controversial comment of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy.

Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy had said, “Priyanka Gandhi has biopolar disorder, she behaves violently, so she should not work in public life.”

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