Dharma and caste information sought from doctors in AIIMS Delhi: Press review

According to a report of the Indian Express, the details of religion and caste have been sought from senior doctors working in Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences, ie AIIMS. The director of AIIMS regarded this as an unfair and shocking step.

In fact, AIIMS has sought his full details from the doctors in which religion and caste information have been sought. This form of a page was distributed last week for the purpose of preparing the database of all the doctors.

Dr. Randeep Gularia, Director of AIIMS has told the Indian Express that he has no information about this form. He has also said that at any time in AIIMS doctors have not been asked about their religion and caste.

According to a report published in the Times of India, the central government can soon provide relief to the farmers. The central government cabinet will soon announce Relief Package to give relief to the farmers. It is believed that this step is being taken to calm the farmers’ dissatisfaction before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Ministry of Agriculture has made several suggestions for the purpose of providing long term and short term relief to the farmers.

Industrialist Mehul Choksi, who has left India, has said that he has full faith in the court of Antigua. According to a report of Hindustan Times, Choksi has said that the petition related to his extradition is being heard in the court of Antigua now and he has brown faith on the court. He said, “Of course India is my birthplace but now I am not healthy and I am not in a position to travel. Once I recover and I will be able to travel then I will definitely clean my name.” Mehul Vigilance and his relative Neerav Modi are accused of not returning from the banks of India with debt. At present, he has returned the Indian passport and has taken the citizenship of Antigua. Government of India is making efforts to bring them back.

According to a report of the Indian Express, the attempt to transfer high profile Judge Justice S Murlidhar to the Delhi High Court was done in the Collegium, which was stopped by the Supreme Court. The newspaper has quoted sources saying that these efforts can be done again. According to the newspaper, the transfer of Justice Murlidhar has been discussed twice in December and January in the Collegium. Justice Muralidhar is known for his decisions given in matters related to communal violence and personal liberty. In the year 2018, he gave several important decisions in the Delhi High Court, which was discussed across the country.

Those eggs that will do the evil of cancer

Scientists say that medicines can be made from the proteins that are released from these eggs, and the cost of making medicines under this process would be hundred times cheaper than those made in laboratories.

In Britain, a team of scientists has been successful in producing eggs after long research, in which there will be proteins destroying cancer.

For this, genetic variation in chickens has been inserted into the genes that produce anti-cancer proteins. The team of researchers believes that at some time it would be possible to produce these eggs at a widespread level.

How will these medicines be made?
According to Dr. Lisa Heron, associated with the company Rosin Technologies, located in Edinburgh, these chickens did not face any problem during the research, but in particular the poultry farm pigs were cared for these chickens.

Dr. Heron points out, “Some professionals take care of these chickens, their food is taken care of, and they are living quite comfortable in terms of common chickens, if they talk about eggs. Chickens are laying eggs in a normal fashion. “

Earlier research has revealed that genetic changes in goats, rabbits and poultry can be achieved by protecting diseases from their milk and eggs.

According to the researchers, this new method is quite effective and economical, and protein can be produced in more quantity than older methods.

Dr. Heron says, “The production of proteins with the help of chickens is ten times cheaper than ten times as compared to production in factories. It is expected that at least ten times less than the total expenditure in the production of pharmaceuticals. These eggs can be produced at the expense. “

Earlier research has revealed that genetic changes in goats, rabbits and poultry can be achieved by protecting diseases from their milk and eggs.

According to the researchers, this new method is quite effective and economical, and protein can be produced in more quantity than older methods.

Dr. Heron says, “The production of proteins with the help of chickens is ten times cheaper than ten times as compared to production in factories. It is expected that at least ten times less than the total expenditure in the production of pharmaceuticals. These eggs can be produced at the expense. “

The most savings in this process is linked to the infrastructure. To make these medicines in the lab, there is a need to create sterile laboratories.

At the same time, the eggs with these medicines require an ordinary chicken enclosure.

The reason for many diseases is that the body of a sick person does not naturally produce any one chemical or protein.

In such cases, these diseases can be prevented by supplying a certain protein in the body.

Pharmaceutical companies make such medicines in laboratories, which is a very expensive process.

Dr. Heron and his team put that human genome into the part of the DNA that formed the white part of chickens, which makes these proteins.

When Dr. Heron’s team broke the eggs from these chickens and examined the white part, it was discovered that they contained too much anti-cancer proteins.

This team focused on two proteins, which are necessary for the disease resistant capacity.

The first of these proteins is IFNalpha2a, which is very effective against infection and cancer.

At the same time, the second protein is macrophage-CSF which is being developed to repair damaged tissues.

In this case, one dose of three eggs can be produced once and the chickens can give three hundred eggs in one year.

The scientists believe that if sufficient number of chickens can be produced then these medicines can be produced at the commercial level.

By this process it will take ten to twenty years to get the consent of the production of medicines and their regulatory bodies.

Medicines for animals
After this research, scientists hope that medicines can also be made for animals with the help of chickens.

In this way, those medicines will be produced which can be used as an alternative to antibiotics for animals working in the fields.

According to Dr. Heron, this will also reduce the risk of the birth of insects and germs which are able to withstand anti-biotic over time. Simultaneously, it will also help in treating pets with the help of macrophage-CSF.

He says, “Suppose we can be able to develop levers and kidneys of such pets themselves, who have lost their limbs, at this time these medicines are very expensive. That we will be able to work in this direction too. “

Professor Helen Song, who is associated with the Roslin Institute of Edinburgh University, says, “We are not making medicines for the people at this time, but these studies show that the chickens are in the commercial nature of protein for the production of new drugs in the field of biotechnology. . “

Right now, these eggs are being produced for research

EVM: Can EVM machines be hacked in India?

Nearly 80 million voters and about 2000 electoral parties are going to take part in the Lok Sabha elections, which will take place after a few weeks from now on.

The same thing related to the Lok Sabha elections makes this election process challenging, and the credibility of this complex electoral process is decided on the basis of how much the process of counting the votes cast for the elections is sufficient.

Talking about electoral history of India, before the use of EVM machines, elections being held at different levels across the country have been affected by attacks like polling booths, ballot papers, and these attacks are working for political parties. Used to be anti-social elements.

But with the advent of the new century, after the use of EVM machines in elections, such incidents have happened in the past.

However, from time to time, questions have been raised about the authenticity of these machines. Often, the losing party parties question that these machines can be hacked.

Now only a few weeks have passed in the 2019 general elections, and these machines have started to raise questions again.

American hacker claims

Last week, a hacker based in the USA claimed that the machines were hacked in the 2014 election. In this election, the BJP-led coalition won with a huge majority.

However, the Indian Election Commission has denied these claims. But the doubts about the use of technology in these machines have been expressed.

There are at least seven cases going on in this issue in different courts of India. But the Election Commission has been telling these machines a hacking proof at every opportunity.

In India’s elections 16 lakh EVM machines are used and maximum of 2000 votes are cast in every such machine.

The number of registered voters in any polling station is 1500 and the number of candidates is not more than 64. These machines made in India run from the batteries.

These machines can also be run in areas where electricity is not available. The software of these machines was made by the designers associated with a government company.

According to the Election Commission, these machines and records recorded in these are not shared with any external group.

There are at least seven cases going on in this issue in different courts of India. But the Election Commission has been telling these machines a hacking proof at every opportunity.

In India’s elections 16 lakh EVM machines are used and maximum of 2000 votes are cast in every such machine.

The number of registered voters in any polling station is 1500 and the number of candidates is not more than 64. These machines made in India run from the batteries.

These machines can also be run in areas where electricity is not available. The software of these machines was made by the designers associated with a government company.

According to the Election Commission, these machines and records recorded in these are not shared with any external group.

The Election Commission has claimed to be completely safe for electronic voting machines. But from time to time, these machines have been suspected to be hacked.

Eight years ago, scientists associated with the University of Michigan, USA, connected a device to the machine and showed that the results of the machine can be changed by sending a message from the mobile.

However, official authorities of India had dismissed this claim and said that it is difficult to manipulate the machine, to achieve this, it is difficult to obtain a machine.

At the same time, Dheeraj Sinha, a specialist with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, believes that huge amount of money will be needed to hack millions of voting machines, and in order to do this, it is important to include the machine manufacturer and the holding agency, There will be a very small receiver circuit and an antenna need to be connected to the machine, which will not be visible with ‘human eye’.

He says that the machine must have a radio receiver in which to have the wireless hacking, which has an electronic circuit and antenna.

Election Commission claims that there are no such circuit elements in Indian voting machines. In short words, hacking at such a wider level would be almost incommensurate.

The world’s voting machines

Nearly 33 countries in the world adopt a process of electronic voting in some way and the questions about the authenticity of those machines are raised.

In Venezuela, the total number of votes cast in the 2017 elections was reportedly more than one million more than the actual number. However, the government denies it.

Argentina’s politicians have crossed the plan for e-voting this year, revealing the confidentiality of votes and apprehensions of tampering in the results this year.

After the elections in Iraq in 2018, partial re-counting of votes was done after reports of disturbances in electronic voting machines.

E-voting machines had become a subject of controversy after news of the machines being not tested before e-voting in the Democratic Republic of Congo in December last year.

Voting machines were brought in the US about 15 years ago.

At present, about 35000 machines are used in the USA. In this way, due to lack of paper evidence in voting, the wrong voting record at the machine level was worrisome due to the lack of scope for improvement.

In this way, due to lack of paper evidence in voting, the wrong voting record at the machine level was worrisome due to the lack of scope for improvement.

In these elections, a program was found in the counting machines, which allowed the sitting system administrator to adjust the machine.

Professor Duncan Buell of the Department of Computer Science at the University of South Carolina is researching this topic.

Technology and democracy

Duncan Buell said in the conversation with the BBC, “I believe that we should use the technique in the electoral process at least. Software should work properly, it is difficult and that too when the relationship between votes and voters There is no correct way to confirm that these things should not be done, that these things work as expected. “

In spite of all this, perhaps in the right direction, elections are going on in India to make elections transparent and dependable.

Five years ago, the Supreme Court had ordered that all voting machines should also have VVPAT machines (voting machines related to polling).

When a voter puts his vote when a voter puts his vote, a receipt emerges from the printing machine, in which a serial number, the name of the candidate and the election symbol are recorded. This information is available on a transparent screen for seven seconds.

However, after seven seconds the receipt gets out and falls into a sealed box.

The Election Commission has decided that in the assembly elections, the result of the machine will be matched with the results obtained on the basis of the ballot receipts of five percent of the polling centers in the polling booths.

Because, with the help of voting receipts, assessment of electoral results will be extremely costly in terms of economic and time.

Researchers have offered to reduce the risk-making audit, which would lead to the credibility of the results of the Indian elections.

At present, the former chief of the Election Commission, S.Y. Qureshi believes that due to voting receipts, the fears of voters and electoral parties should end.

VVPAT machines are being used in all the assembly elections in the year 2015. In these elections, the election results of receipts from fifteen hundred machines were matched with the electoral results derived from the machines.

S.Y. Quraishi points out that “There is not a single chance in these elections when the differences have been found in the results.”

Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘Drunken’ Viral Video Result

Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘Drunken’ Viral Video Result in My Post

A video of Priyanka Gandhi, the new general secretary of the Congress, is being shared on social media, by which people are claiming to be drunk in their liquor.

In this video of nearly 10 seconds, Priyanka Gandhi appears to be roaring on media people.

Some people have shared that part of the 6-second video, in which Priyanka Gandhi is heard saying “Now you will stand up and walk silently.”

This video is so blurry that it will be seen that black pits have fallen under Priyanka Gandhi’s eyes.

These videos have been shared hundreds of times with many big Facebook pages and groups including ‘I am with Yogi Adityanath’, ‘Rajput army’ and ‘Modi Mission 2019’.

When Priyanka got angry …

Reverse Image Search shows that this video is from Thursday, April 12, 2018.
On the evening of April 12, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had appealed on social media to join the ‘Midnight Protest’ against India on the India Gate against the Kadua and Unnao Rape Case.

In January 2018, a minor girl from Bakarwal community was gangraped and murdered in Kathua district of Jammu. At the same time a few days ago, BJP leader Kuldeep Singh Sengar was accused of allegedly raping a minor girl in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. Both cases had caught a lot and they had demonstrations throughout the country.

Rahul Gandhi’s younger sister Priyanka Gandhi had joined her daughter Mirya and husband Robert Vadra in protest against the April 12 protests in Delhi. The main slogan of this protest was- ‘Modi Bhagao, save the country’.

Rahul and Priyanka, both of whom were involved in this demonstration, began to get close to their leaders in the Congress workers, and Priyanka Gandhi too had difficulty in reaching the main demonstration site of India Gate.

According to some reports, Priyanka Gandhi was upset with her and her daughter Mirya.

When he reached the main demonstration site, he told the party workers and media workers, “Once you think what you are doing, now you will be standing quietly till you reach that home.”

According to all the reports of 12-13 April 2018, it is OK to say that Priyanka Gandhi was angry with media workers and party workers, but in any report she did not get the point of ‘being drunk’.

Since the formation of Priyanka Gandhi as the General Secretary of the Congress party, the content of propaganda against them is being shared fast in right-wing groups.

Many people have posted on social media linking this old video of Priyanka Gandhi to the controversial comment of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy.

Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy had said, “Priyanka Gandhi has biopolar disorder, she behaves violently, so she should not work in public life.”

‘Dhundi’ went on, but Kamleshwar’s heart broken from Gulzar:

‘Dhundi’ went on, but Kamleshwar’s heart broken from Gulzar:

My first visit to Kamleshwar was in 2001. She was at BBC’s old office ‘IFAX’ building attending BBC Live’s live program.

It was the day of 26th January. Suddenly, the earth was shaken very loud and all the people in the office had rushed towards the road running through the stairs. Kamleshwar, who was the only one who had a cigarette of ‘Dahanil’ in his hand, was puffed up while standing in ‘Pantry’.

Seeing on me, without saying any nervousness, ‘sit down here nothing will happen.’

His second meeting was probably done two years later in the BBC studio and I asked him, ‘You have lived in many cities, Mainpuri, Allahabad, Mumbai and Delhi … Which of these cities is closest to you?’

Kamleshwar responded with a smile, “There is no such city which I can forget. My very beautiful memories are of Mainpuri. One used to be the river of Ishan, which was called ‘Eason’. Going to the side of it, making demons, going into the forests, breaking from there, breaking common, stealing vegetables from the fields … all this went on and there was great pleasure. ‘

First love in Mainpuri

‘The biggest thing was that my first love was in Mainpuri itself. There was no known about Ishq. If you start feeling good, then it is a love. There was a bandwidth raid that a poor society was coming between me and me. There was no courage to say to him. Neither did he have the courage to look at me completely. Understand that it used to flirt with about two and a half phalanglas. ‘

‘When the marriage started, then the matter became a bit serious. At that time, I realized something was missing. In those days my hair was very large, which was not liked by mother. He had to go to the wedding but the mind was crying from inside. Mother made a hairdresser on the house and made the hair so small as the people of the army. Then I did not go to that wedding

Kamleshwar’s literary ‘baptism’ was held in Allahabad

About Allahabad, Kamleshwar had written, ‘There was a thinking city that … what is there to eat, what wears, how it remains, above all, the identity of the person of Allahabad was what he thinks. .? ‘

Kamleshwar had said, ‘That round was a very golden period of Allahabad. The greatest writers were present in Allahabad. I used to teach at my own Guru Bachchanji University, Firak Sahib. Sumitranandan was a pant, Mahadevji was, he was lonely … remember whom? We were all the people of the new generation, Dharmaveer Bharti, were Markandeya, Dushyant, Ajit, that is how many people … i.at it was a galaxy of people. The reason for this is that there was such a intellectual atmosphere in Allahabad. Whether it was the judge or lawyer of the High Court or for those who were our professors in the university, Navaratna would be a very small addition to them. He had a structure of hundreds of gems in a way

Coffee house was the place of intellectuals

Kamleshwar had said, ‘When we used to sit two or three friends alone, then’ Ramaz ‘used to be. The coffee house was there and the specialty of it was that whatever fresh book has arrived, or any fresh ideas came and if you were not familiar with it then you would not have been accepted in that room that evening. Returning from there, our biggest place was ‘Universal Book Depot’. From there we used to take books on rent, read them and then used to be ready.

Mohan Rakesh was a close friend of Kamleshwar.
Kamleshwar, Mohan Rakesh and Rajendra Yadav had established the ‘New Story’ triangle. At that time Mohan Rakesh used to be his closest friend.

Hindi writer Mohan Rakesh with his wife Anita Rakesh
Kamleshwar writes that when Rakesh had reached Allahabad for his first marriage, there was no procession with him. The girl was surprised that the groom came alone, but that was Mohan Rakesh.

Kamleshwar had told an anecdote, “For nine years, I and Rakesh have been sitting down in the same house. It was the fact that people who came here after partition, did not let them rent their house. Then I made Rakesh’s mother as my mother and my house was taken in my name and Rakesh started living with me. Because we were busy in talking about fun, chatting and thinking about the new story all day long, whenever someone came in, we used to find a lot of house or tea house. One day someone asked Rakesh brother what is your routine? Rakesh said, “We are going to reach home only at eleven-thirty-six o’clock, we go to sleep for a couple of hours. They said then? Then we get up at eleven o’clock in the day. Again? Then drink tea in the morning and drink twelve hours. They said then? Then did a little refreshment, shave, bathing-washed. This happens four to four and a half hours. Again? Then we come to the coffee house. He started to say, when are you writing? Rakesh said to write? We are tomorrow. ‘

Friendship with Dushyant Kumar

Another close friend of Kamleshwar was Dushyant Kumar. Later he was married to his son Alok, as if he was his daughter.

Alok Tyagi remembers, “When Papa passed away, these people had met three days ago at a conference in Ujjain. Papa told him a lot, you are here, I have written some ghazals. Kamleshwar said that he hears here only. My programs are ‘tide up’ in Bombay. Then Papa said that the man will not do now then will my death come? It’s a matter of 1975. Father died after three days. After his demise, the man who was the first to reach us here was Kamleshwar. I’m just about them

Polar Vortex can be a severe cold in the US, up to -70 degrees Mercury

The most severe cold of the last several decades in the USA has been falling. Because of the snowy cyclone running from the North Pole, the ice sheet in the mid-western states of America has fallen. It is being called Polar Vortex.

Because of this, more than 9 crore people here are forced to stay at zero -17 degrees.

Schools, business establishments and government offices are closed. Hundreds of flights canceled in entire Middle East states

Mercury in the city of Chicago is down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. The city’s mayor has appealed to not leave the people. The Chicago River has solidified.

Middle-West states have been declared as Emergencies in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois as well as the warming southern states of Alabama and Mississippi.

According to the Meteorological Department, the snowfall will continue and in many areas the snow may get up to 24 inches.

Weather forecasters estimate that one of the busiest cities in the country can be more cold in Antarctica than in the coming days in Chicago.

Blizzard in 10 states Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri and Montana

Ryan Coccurek lives in Chicago. Speaking to the BBC about the situation here, he said, “It’s incredible.” As soon as I got a cold air out of the house, it was difficult to breathe, it’s as if the air does not have oxygen. You are suffocating, and if your nose is blowing then it is even more dangerous because your nose gets accumulated suddenly. This is the most awkward experience of my life. “

Due to the polar cyclone called Polar Vortex, there is a deadly cold in many parts of the United States.

Due to polar vortex, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning of below-min to -40 to -70 degree Celsius temperature.

The temperature in Chicago will be lower than Antarctica.

Because of this, it is estimated that at least half a million people are experiencing cold-burning experience.

The governor of the Illinois province has imposed an emergency.

People in Iowa province have been advised not to take deep breaths and talk less.

Snowfall may also occur in southern provinces Alabama and Georgia. These polar cyclones are moving from the North Pole to the south.

Here the polar vortex is being told about the reason for the tremendous winter in India.

The weather may be due to the cold winds coming from the Arctic in the cold winter in the cold winter of northern India.

According to the Meteorological Department, due to fluctuations in the winds from the Polar Vortex (Polar Cyclone), the effect of the cold since December last year has been increasing in North India.

200 crore near irs sirram meena, counting still now

Post office, status and wealth wealth Everything was near them. His heart was to reach Parliament. But before that, the anti-corruption bureau arrested the Narcotics Department Deputy Commissioner, Sataram Meena, in Kota by taking bribe allegedly on Republic Day.

Meena fluttered in the morning and took a firm stand on true loyalty. Now the officials are accounting for their wealth.

According to officials, the figure has reached more than two hundred crore. According to officials of the Bureau, till now, Meena has received a record of 25 million cash, 106 plot, 25 shops, petrol pump, Marriage home, jewelery and agricultural land.

Machine for counting money
Meena had to get help from the machine to calculate the money she got. It has been learned that he has also invested in Bitcoin.

Bureaucrats are looking for electronic devices to detect cryptoconcines that used to be mined.

According to officials, after holding them there was no fear on their face nor any wrinkle on the face.

Apart from Anti Corruption, Additional Superintendent of Police Chandrakil Thakur told the BBC that Mirza is being questioned now.

Dalal Kamlesh Dhark along with Meena has been arrested. Dhark has been arrested for giving a bribe of one lakh rupees.

He is also a broker of Meena. His father cultivates opium An official connected with the investigation said that Meena is not cooperating in the investigation. In the inquiry, Meena said that he had ancestral money.

The bureau has received such documents during the proceedings, which revealed that Meena wanted to contest the Lok Sabha election.

He was ready to contest from any party from both the BJP and the Congress.

There was a little time in retirement
Meena came to government service in 1989 and climbed up the stairs and became a member of the Indian Revenue Service in 1997.

There was little time left in his retirement. Officials questioned the speed, so they talked of being relieved

After that, he was immediately taken to the hospital. However doctors declared him healthy.

Bureaucrats Thakur says that we want to inquire with them and find out who was involved in this work of bribe and how big was this series.

Chief of the Farmers and Narcotics Department
According to officials, there is a bridge between the peasants and narcotics department in opium cultivation. The headman only weighs and calculates the size of opium in that village.

Kamlesh wanted to make his father head in his village, but despite the eligibility another person was made the head.

The officials of Bureau officials had a lot of time to look at Meena, so Kamlesh and Meena’s phones were kept under surveillance.

Everything happened like a film legend. The Bureau kept an eye on Meena. On the Republic Day, as soon as Meena came out of his house for the ceremony, two Narcotics employees of his vehicle escorted on the bike.

Accused Mina flagged off and gave a speech on honesty for twenty minutes. Then returned home and as soon as Kamlesh gave a bribe of one lakh rupees, he was arrested.

Meena of Sawai Madhopur district in Rajasthan has been in government service for three decades. According to officials engaged in the investigation, they have been suspended.

However, in this regard, the Narcotics Department located in Kota was told that they did not know about it.

None of the officers in Gwalior, headquarter of Narcotics Department, were not ready to talk about this matter. According to the Bureau, accused Meena has several lockers and bank accounts.

Great assets

Meena has got documents of having 106 land in Jaipur.

These include Meena’s name 23, son Manish’s name 23, wife Premalata’s name 42, 12 names for relatives and wife’s name in 42 shops.

The name of the son in Mumbai is a flat. Apart from this, there are many vehicles and houses in Jaipur. In it, the Jagatpura house in Jaipur received two crore 26 lakh rupees in three Attachments.

The officials of the bureau asked the accused Meena, when his salary was 1.5 lakh rupees, then how did he earn so much property. In the interrogation so far, the accused has described themselves as a culprit.

Meanwhile, the farmers’ farming community has alleged that for the last several years, there was an open game of corruption in the Narcotics Department.

Opportunities for opium cultivation are permitted in seven districts of Rajasthan and for this the government allows farmers to cultivate certain conditions.

Chaudhary Ramnarayan, chairman of the Indian Opium Farmers Development Committee, said, “Farmers have been raising voice against corruption since the beginning, but no one was listening. I was pleasantly surprised when the Anti Corruption Department took action because we were tired of complaining

Opium producers have been sitting on dharna at Chittaurgarh district headquarters since last 445 days. Demand for the solution of the problems of opium farmers is being sought in this dharane. It also includes the issue of corruption.

Chaudhary, chairman of the committee, says, “We have gone to Delhi and have staged a protest on Jantar Mantar but who hears the grievances of the farmer, government officials have created such policies that the amount can be recovered from the farmers.”

Chaudhary alleges that the officers of the department are engaged in illegal work. “They charge the farmers by threatening to cancel the license of opium cultivation.

Venezuelan crisis: America warns of action

US National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned Venezuela that if US diplomats and opposition leaders Khuan Guido have also been hit, then a pronounced response will be given.

By tweeting on Sunday, Bolton said that attempts to frighten in this manner would weaken the law system.

They gave this warning when the United States and more than 20 countries recognized Khuan Goidou as interim President. Goido accused President Nicolas Maduro of rigging in elections held last year.

This month President Maduro sworn in for another term. But the opposition had accused of rigging in votes and boycotted elections.

After this, after the appeal of Opposition leader Khuan Guido, Venezuela began to perform extensively in Venezuela.

At the peak of political crisis

The political crisis in Venezuela is now seen reaching the peak. Opposition has sparked efforts to oust Maduro.

Earlier on Sunday, Venezuelan’s top military counterpart had changed the mind of the Maduro government to the United States, saying that he considers Khuan Goidou as the president.

After this, American National Security Advisor Bolton put the American side through Twitter and said that there should not be any attempt to intimidate US diplomats and opposition leaders in any way.

Meanwhile, many European countries have given ultimatum on Saturday that if they are not announced in Venezuela for an election within eight days, then they will recognize Goindo as the president.

These countries include Spain, Germany, France and Britain.

But Nicholas Maduro rejected it, saying that European countries should withdraw this ultimatum.

On Sunday, he told CNN that Venezuela is not a mortgage of Europe and this proposal is a kind of insult.

Maduro said that he is ready to “communicate” to the people opposing his claim.

He also said that “US President Donald Trump” has sent many messages but he has ignored us.

Who is supporting Maduro?

Russia, China, Mexico and Turkey have candidly supported Maduro.

In a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Saturday, Russia accused the United States of creating conspiracies of coup in Venezuela.

However, more than a dozen Latin American countries and Canada have supported opposition leader Goido as the President.

Why are Maduro unpopular?

Venezuela is currently facing a financial crisis. The basic things have come to an end and for this millions have had to flee.

Maduro has had to face criticism from both the inside and outside the country because of poor image and human rights failure due to human rights.

Last year he was elected for another term, but the elections were surrounded by controversies. Many opposition leaders were either stopped from contesting or were put in jail.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court Judge fled to the USA in January this year, where he told reporters that the elections were not fair

Ram Rahat Chhatrapati murder case: Gurmeet Ram Rahim life imprisonment

Ram Rahat Chhatrapati murder case: Gurmeet Ram Rahim life imprisonment

Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim has pronounced life sentence for Panchkula’s special CBI court in Ramchandra Chattrapati murder case.

Journalist Ram Chandra Chattrapati was killed in 2002. The court had convicted Gurmeet Ram Rahim on January 11 in this case.

Three other people including Dera chief Kuldeep Singh, Nirmal Singh and Krishna Lal were also convicted. They have also been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Senior Vice Chairperson of the Dera Sacha Sauda Shobha Inn has appealed to supporters to maintain peace.

By tweeting they also said that the legal process will be started in this case.
The court which sentenced Ram Rahim to death in the case of journalist, the same court had convicted Ram Rahim in the rape case in August 2017. Journalist Ramchandra Chattrapati had given the information of the rape case for the first time in the year 2002.

Judge Jagdeep Singh, who was convicted in the case of rape, also convicted Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

Journalist Ramchandra Chattrapati was seriously injured when he was shot in 2002 and later he died. In 2003, the case was registered in this regard, which was handed over to the CBI in 2006.

Rape case
When Ram Rahim was sentenced in August 2017 in the case of rape with female followers, then violence in Sirsa and Panchkula of Haryana had erupted.

About 40 people died in this violence. In such a situation, strict security has been done in many areas of Haryana and Punjab.

Ram Rahim, 51, is currently serving a 20-year jail sentence in Rohtak’s Sunaria jail for rape.

Lord Dayal further explains, ‘In 2002, he got an anonymous letter, which was a matter of sexual exploitation of Sadhis in the camp. They printed that letter after which they were threatened with death. “

“Finally, on October 19, Chattrapati was shot before the house. He died on October 21 at Apollo Hospital in Delhi.

Lord Dayal points out that during this time he came to the senses but due to political pressure, the statement of Chattrapati was not recorded until after that, his son Anshul Chattrapati filed a petition in the court demanding a CBI inquiry.

Since the conviction of Ram Rahim in the case of rape in 2017, the demand for justice for journalist Ramchandra Chattrapati was started on social media.

He explains that Chhatrapati used to print the news of Dera Sacha Sauda in his newspaper, which led to the threat of killing him.

‘BJP or Congress all wanted to save Baba’
‘Crores of Baba’ to guilty in rap case
Important dates related to the Ramchandra Chattrapati murder case
Chattrapati was killed in a hospital in Delhi on November 21, 2002.
In December 2002, Chhattrapati’s family dissatisfied with police investigation and pleaded the Chief Minister to hand over the probe to the CBI.
In January 2003, the son of the deceased, Anshul, filed a petition in the High Court demanding the transfer of the case to the CBI. In this petition, Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim also accused him of engaging in it.

High court ordered the CBI to register an FIR on November 10, 2003 connecting the cases of murder of journalist Chattrapati and a dera boyfriend Ranjit Singh.

In December 2003, the CBI started investigations. Ranjit Singh’s murder also took place in 2002.

Earlier this month, Dera filed a petition in the Supreme Court, stating that the CBI probe should be banned. This petition was heard by the Supreme Court and the investigation of the matter was banned at that time.

While hearing the other party in November 2004, the Supreme Court dismissed Dera’s plea and ordered the CBI probe to continue.
The CBI again started investigating both cases and accused several others including the Dera chief.

Against this, Dera supporters protested in Chandigarh.

On August 25, 2017, in connection with the rape charges of two Sadhvi, Panchkula’s CBI court convicted Dera chief Ram Rahim and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.
On January 11, 2019, four people, including Gurmeet Ram Rahim, were convicted in the CBI court of Chhattrapati case.
On January 17, 2019, four convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Coalition will survive after the threat of Kumaraswamy?

The threat of HD Kumaraswamy’s threat to leave the Chief Minister’s post of Congress-Janata Dal-Secular coalition government has had the same effect as he wanted. Congress has publicly declared its MLAs who have criticized Kumaraswamy.

Recently, Congress MLA ST Somashekar, who became the chairman of the Bangalore Development Authority, arrived in the Congress office in a hurry and apologized to the party leaders. Incharge of Karnataka and the Congress general secretary KC Venugopal ordered him to do so.

Somashekhar is among the Congress MLAs who have openly said that ‘even though the coalition has appointed Kumaraswamy at the Chief Minister’s post but for him Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is only for him. It is a different matter that Congress, while making the government of Kumaraswamy, has supported him for five years.

The results of the assembly elections in Karnataka came on May 15 In the 224-seat assembly, the Congress was very far away from the required 113 seats and then when the coalition government was formed with JDS, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Ashok Gehlot and other Congress leaders had pledged support for Kumarsaswami for five years.

JDS and Congress were strong opponents of each other in South Karnataka and both of them targeted at each other in their election campaign. But in order to prevent BJP from becoming a government in the state, Congress has given a go-ahead to support Kumaraswamy.

Why are Kumaraswamy angry?

Before long, the supporters of the Congress chief minister Siddaramaiah have publicly said that their allegiance is with Siddaramaiah. Siddaramaiah also ensured that the Congress legislators get adequate representation in cabinet, state boards and corporations.

It is also true that in the early days of the coalition government, JDS Ministers avoided the work of Congress legislators, which caused resentment in them. This made Congress legislators too disappointed because they could not publicly criticize the government due to coalition religion.

In the last few weeks, Kumaraswamy also tried to resolve their issues during a meeting of Congress MLAs. This reduced the disappointment of Congress MLAs and some work started in their assembly constituencies.

It can also be said that due to Operation Lotus 3.0, BJP, for the purpose of demolishing the government in Karnataka, came to the congressional MLA and JDS minister.

The BJP has 102 MLAs in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. Operation Kamal BJP is being asked to do the trick in which Congress MLAs want to give their resignation in their respective areas, which reduces the number of assembly and it will be in the condition of forming a government.

But in the last few days, some supporters of Siddaramaiah returned to their old ways. To say in Somashekar’s words: “The government has taken seven months, but the development work in the state has not started yet. If Siddaramaaya gets the term of five years, we will see the real progress.”

Congress minister C Potturanga Shetty, reiterating Somasekhara’s remarks, said, “I can not think of being on the side of Chief Minister’s post except Siddaramaiah.”

Kumaraswamy: From BJP to Duel of Congress by Dushmani
Kumaraswamy is known as a passionate person. But on the question of Somashekar and others, he gave a reaction to the question of a journalist, he also surprised his closest allies. While many felt that they had to stop the complaints of Congress legislators.

Kumaraswamy said, “It is the responsibility of the Congress leaders to keep an eye on these disputes, I left it on them, you should ask them these questions, if it continues, I am ready to quit.” Now he (coalition K) are crossing the line. “

A JDS leader said, “I do not want to violate my party’s discipline like Congress MLAs. But is there any work of development that is not happening, Congressmen are not shooting in their own feet? Do not they see that the most systematic farmer in the country is being implemented in Karnataka?
There is nothing new in the politics of the coalition to come out in this way. Between 2004 and 2008, coalitions were used in Karnataka when Congress and JDS and JDS and BJP coalition governments lasted two-two years.

So will this coalition prevail in today’s situation?

Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Professor of Pro-Vice Chancellor and Political Affairs at Jain University, says, “It is threatening before the talks of seat sharing for the Lok Sabha elections.”

Both need this coalition and both can not live without this coalition.

Shah Fasal resigns, Union minister says ‘terrorists are terrorists’

Shah Fasal resigns, Union minister says ‘terrorists are terrorists’

Shah Faisal, the IAS officer who topped the Civil Services Examination from Jammu and Kashmir in 2009, announced his resignation on Wednesday. They resigned in protest against the killings due to violence in Kashmir. Political reactions have grown faster on this.

On the resignation of the IAS officer, Cabinet Minister Jitendra Singh, responding to the news agency ANI, said, “This is a sign of lack of conviction in itself. If you had strong faith, you should have been ready to condemn terrorism. “

“On one hand, you give protection against the attack, on the other hand, you scare the terrorists to be terrorists.”

Answering Jitendra Singh’s remarks on Twitter, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah wrote, “The extremists were killed by the extremists of Phaisal’s father, Dr. Sahib Shah. But I hope that you do not accuse yourself of being aware of this before speaking. Nobody can understand the pain of superior violence and extremism from Shah Faisal.

Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram also responded to Shah Faisal’s resignation. He said, “He said that one word puts the Modi government in the courtroom.”

Chidambaram made many tweets about this in which he said, “Affectionately, but I salute Shah Faisal. Every statement of his statement is correct and the BJP government is stigma, and the world will remember his resentment, pain and challenge.”

He wrote in another tweet, “Not long ago, when police officer Mr. Ribeiro said the same thing, but there was no word of assurance from the people sitting in power. This kind of our fellow citizens Let us bow our heads in shame and regret. “


On Wednesday, Shah Fasal tweeted with his Twitter account, “I have decided to resign from the post of IAS in the absence of unimpeded killings in Kashmir and any credible political initiative from the Central Government. Kashmiri’s life matters. ”

Shah Faisal will keep in politics

On his resignation, Shah Fasal interacted with BBC correspondent Riyaz Masroor in Srinagar and indicated that he was planning to step in politics.

“I have never said that I can not leave the job. For me, the job was always an instrument, to annihilate people. People can be reputed in many ways, those who are in public service, they all preach the message. In the way we saw the situation in the country from last year or two, we saw in Jammu and Kashmir. There was a series of killings in Kashmir. “

“Looking at the growing difference between Hindu-Muslim. We look at the hanging videos. Gurkha got the nuisance to see. This was never seen before. We tried to curb the freedom of expression, we have seen ‘

“It is not yet decided which party to join. Every party has its own legacy. If ever I went to Politics, I would join the party who would give me freedom to speak openly on this current situation of the state. ”

“I would like to be a part of a party in which I have the opportunity to talk openly with minorities, politics with the Kashmiris. I am thinking about my choices and will decide on this soon. “

“It would be better for me to go to the regional party. I want to talk about Kashmir. We have to understand that no change can be made without the seal of Parliament. I want to be the voice of the Kashmiris in Parliament. “

“Many people are telling me that a new party should be formed but I feel that the state needs unity now. The more parties form the more votes will be divided.

After the decision / Alok Verma, 4 more officers, including Asthana, were removed.

Asthana and former CBI director Alok Verma had accused each other of corruption

After the dispute, the government had sent both the officers on forced leave on October 23 last year.

New Delhi. Rakesh Asthana, who has been in the headlines for the controversy with former CBI director Alok Verma, has also been removed by the Central Government on Thursday. Apart from Asthana, 3 more officers have been removed from the CBI with immediate effect. When the dispute of the Gujarat Cadre IPS officer Asthana and then director Verma was public, the government had sent them both for two weeks in October last year.

Order issued on Thursday evening

  1. In addition to Asthana, in the order issued on Thursday evening, Joint Director Arun Kumar Sharma, DIG Manish Kumar Sinha and SP Jayant Jay Naiknavare have also been removed from the investigating agency.
  2. Asthana and CBI director Alok Verma had accused each other of corruption. After this the government had sent both the officers on leave on 23rd October.

On January 8, the Supreme Court had canceled the Center’s decision to send Alok Verma on leave. However, the court prevented him from taking policy decisions until the completion of the investigation of the CVC.

Verma was removed from the post of a committee headed by Modi.
On January 10, Verma was removed from the post by the Empowered Committee headed by Prime Minister Modi. Verma was retiring on January 31. Nageshwar Rao was reinstated as the interim chief of the CBI.

The 1979 batch IPS officer Verma was made Director General of the Civil Defense, Fire Services and Home Guard Department. But, Verma resigned a day later.

  • The battle of two senior officers, first seen in CBI
  • In 2016, the transfer of RK Dutta, who was the number two officer in the CBI, was brought to Asthana by the Home Ministry.
  • Datta was considered as a future director. But the Gujarat cadre IPS officer Rakesh Asthana was made the interim Chief of the CBI.
  • Prosecutor Prashant Bhushan challenged the appointment of Asthana to the Supreme Court. After this, Alok Verma was made the CBI Chief in February 2017.
  • After becoming the Chief of the CBI, Alok Verma opposed to making Asthana a Special Director. He had said that there are many allegations against Asthana, they are not worth living in the CBI.
  • Asthana Special Director was created. But after investigating a case related to meat businessman Moin Qureshi, Astana and Verma charged each other for bribery.