Amrita Singh said on the date Choice of Sara Ali Khan?

Ever since Sara Ali Khan said in Karan Johar’s talk show that he wants to date Karthik Aryan, then both of these actors have remained in the discussion.

After that Ranveer Singh tried to mix them together at an event. Now Kartik Aryan has given yes to the coffee date.

During an event when Kartik Aryan was asked how to reach the matter related to the date of Sara Ali Khan, he said, “I am ready for a coffee date, tell me where and where I have heard his mother Amrita Singh Have said, “Stop and let Kartik’s reaction come, it’s too much.” I’m ready. “

Sarah had reached Karan Johar’s show with her father Saif Ali Khan.

Both are 100 million film actors.

Whereas Sara Ali Khan’s movie ‘Simba’ has earned a lot, Kartik Aryan, who has done films like ‘Pyaar Ka Pankhamma’, has also given ‘Saunu’s Teetoo Ki Sweety’ films.

Both films have earned more than 100 crores in 2018 and many people think that this will be the next generation star.

Now Kartik Aryan is working in ‘Luka Huppi’, which can be seen with her, Kriti Sanon.

Kareena never tried to become a mother
Ways to talk about Sara Ali Khan’s words have impressed many. Whatever interview she gives, she speaks openly. Whether he wants to talk about Kartik Aryan or something about Kareena. She says she does not have any problem with Kareena.

Sara Ali Khan said that Kareena never tried to become a mother.

Sara Ali Khan said, “My father has not cooperated with us and my mother Amrita Singh has told us that she is my mother, and if it is for Kareena, if you are happy because of my father, then I Happy.”

Sara says, “Well, Kareena does everything very well, but the one thing I want to learn from him is Balance in Life, Insha Allah, one day I will definitely learn from them.”

In childhood, Sarah was a character fan. She was ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ in Kareena Kapoor’s character ‘Poo’.

Sara did not think far away that one day his favorite ‘Poo’ would become his father’s second wife.

Kangna Ranaut ‘Manikarnika-Jhansi Ki Rani’ before which heroine director lived?

In the 50’s and 60’s, the trinity of Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar was such that millions of people were passionate about their acting. But, Raj Kapoor used to direct his films too.

Kangana Ranaut has been named as co-director in the new film “Manikarnika-Jhansi Ki Rani” made on Rani Laxmibai.

Guru Dutt, Dev Anand and Kishore Kumar were also actors as well as directors.

So have there been such actresses who have earned similar names in acting as well as in directing. Guided himself as Raj Kapoor, Kishore Kumar, Guru Dutt or Dev used to rejoice.

Go to Flashback, then come in the future, Fatima Begum is also called the first female film director of Hindi cinema. In 1926, he directed the film ‘Bulbul a precinct’.

Silent Films Round
It was a period of silent films, and often the man’s role of heroine was also done. But in 1922, Fatima acted as a heroine in the film Veer Abhimanyu.

Within a few years, he started writing, directing and producing his own banner. That was the big thing at that time. They often make fantasy films and use photography as such that they look like a special effect.

Fatima continued working as a heroine in Begum Kohinoor and Imperial Studios big films as well as directing films like Heer Ranjha, Shakuntala under her banner.

His daughter Zubaida became the heroine of the first talkie film ‘Alam Ara’ in 1931.

When the movie was made by Maa Launchu Nutan
Similarly, Shobhana Samarth was the big star of the 40s – Nutan and Tanuja’s mother and Kajol’s grandmother.

In films like Bharat Milap, Ram State, she was so famous in the role of Sita that when she used to photograph Sita as a picture on the calendar, when she came in the film, people began flowing in reverence.

When it came to launching the daughters Nutan and Tanuja, Shobhana took charge of directing and producing.

Most of the time, big actors launch their sons, but Shobhana Samarth has started his own film career and started the career of both the daughters. Nutan and Tanuja were launched in our daughter (1950). Chhabli (1960) was also the same director.

Leela Chitnis, who became the first Indian female model for the films like Kangan, Bandhan and Jhula, with Asoka Kumar in the 30’s and 40’s, also directed ‘Today’s talk’ in 1955.

Pratima Dasgupta, who acted as a heroine in the 40s, directed some films. But, after seeing the film ‘Jharna’ created in 1948, it is said that the Chief Minister of Bombay Presidency Morarji Desai had banned it because he thought the film was very exciting.

In the coming years, Sai Paranjapei was a female director like Kalpana Lajmi, but the trend of directing while acting as a big actress was still slow.

Aparna Sen
In the meanwhile, actress Aparna Sen acted in ‘Three Girls’ in 1961 in the direction of Satyajit Ray in Bengal. Aparna soon took over as an actress and won many awards. By making ’36 Chowringhee Lane ‘in 1981, he joined the list of those few actresses who were also directors.

In 2010, Aparna Sen directed not only film ‘Iti Mrinalini’ but also acted in the film with her daughter Konkona. Earlier in 2002, he also directed Konkona in ‘Mr. and Mrs Iyer’.

Actor Hema Malini broke Divya Bharati and Shahrukh Khan in the 90s and directed ‘Dil Aashna’. But he did not work in his film.

Who can forget Revathy’s ‘Friends-My Friend’ in 2002, in which Revathy acted and directed. The film also became famous for the All-Woman Crew.

Why fewer actresses are made director
Talk about the new generation, there are many actresses who are directing films too. Aparna Sen’s daughter Konkona Sen directed her debut movie ‘A Died in the Ganj’ in 2017. Although not working in it.

Actress Nandita Das also made Firak and Manto but stayed away from acting.

When Amir Khan directed ‘Taare Zameen Par’, and was in the role of a teacher or Ajay Devgan created it in 2016, he was also a director and hero also.

In the earlier period, when Raj Kapoor or Kishore Kumar or Guru Dutt were also the directors of his film, he always had a role in Life in the film. But the count of such heroines is limited.

The number of female directors in movies has always been low in the industry. Therefore, these maths have been against women since the beginning.

A woman director, who is also a heroine of the film, is still considered to be a little risky.

It should be noted that this story does not mention the women who direct only, Farah Khan, Zoya Akhtar, rather than talking to them, who are acting as well as their director of the film.

Talk about those other languages, Savitri (the second wife of Gemini Ganesan) in Telugu was among the most famous heroines there, and while directing the heroine, she directed three big films in the 60’s.

Talking about Marathi, many actresses are directing films like Mrinal Kulkarni.

This list is also small in Hollywood – there are some actresses like Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Jodie Foster who directed films.

Amir Khan quarrels over seven years from Juhi Chawla

In India, celebrity weddings and their wedding expenses often become the subject of discussion.

Last year, Isha Ambani, Deepika-Ranveer, Priyanka-nik and Sonam made marriages in a great way, the same Amir told that the cost of their first marriage was less than Rs. 10.

Aamir, who was admitted to the BBC, told that his first marriage was secretly in 1986 from Reena Dutta.

He says, “My marriage with Reena was very economical.I caught a bus of 211 for the Bandra station, from where I took 50 paise and when I landed in Bandra West I crossed the bridge in Bandra East and walked on the highway towards the highway. Gaya crossed the highway and came home to the house where marriage was registered as registrar and there was a wedding in front of three witnesses. I got married within 10 rupees “

The parents of Aamir Khan of this secret marriage also did not believe. Asked on the reason, Aamir said that his biopic would reveal why his parents were not told anything about this secret marriage.

In his biopic, he would like to see his elder son Junaid Khan cast him.

Who was Aamir’s marriage witness
Reena Dutta was witness to his secret marriage, his brother, Satyajit Bhatkal, his wife Swati Bhatkal and Satyajit’s brother Anand.

With Swati Bhatkal, Aamir has also done Satyamev Jayate and is now associated with the TV movie “Rubaru Roshanhi”.

Reflecting the three true stories, “Rubaru Roshni” tells the importance of pardon.

Jihu fought for seven years
Aamir Khan, who is spreading apology, believed that he had adopted forgiveness in his personal life very delayed.

From Juhi Chawla, he did not talk for a small fight for seven years.

Aamir said about the incident, “The fight between Marie and Juhi was done on a small talk of Ishq film in 1997. I was so excited that during the film shoot I was 50 feet away from Juhi He used to say no, he used to say no by saying only for work. For seven years, we did not talk to each other.

This distinction of Aamir Khan and Juhi was removed in 2003 when news of Aamir Khan and his first wife Reena’s diwors started coming up.

During that time, Aamir was not related to anybody. Knowing the relation between Rina and Aamir, Juhi Chawla called Aamir Khan and took the initiative to add to the marriage and came to meet his house.

Aamir is happy that at the time of his troubles Juhi smashed silence and started talking to him

Aamir Khan, who leaned towards spirituality, believed that the ideology of Jainism has a very profound effect on him, including the forgiveness, nonviolence, whatever needs to be used and polytheism.

Last year, Aamir Khan’s film “Thugs of Hindustan” was disliked by the audience and Amir took responsibility for the film’s failure.

On the film’s fall and a bad attitude in the audience, Aamir says, “I took full responsibility for the film’s flop because the viewer had come to see the film in my name, the audience has complete authority whatever they want to say. After all, I had a film flop after a long time, people got an opportunity to get out of trouble. Only by doing a good film, I can recover from it. Question. “

Currently, Aamir Khan is busy deciding which will do the next film, which he will reveal in the next one month.

Why Trump Shoots His Secret Heads

US President Donald Trump has called the intelligence agencies of his own country as naive in the case of Iran and dismissed his assessment of North Korea.

The UN has also banned Iran’s import of belistic missile technology.

Trump tweeted, “Beware of Iran, intelligence officials should go back to school.”

US intelligence officials said in its assessment of global security threats that Iran is not making nuclear weapons.

Trump has reacted with this and has responded.

Intelligence officials also said in their assessment that North Korea is unlikely to leave its nuclear program.

National Intelligence Director Dan Coates and other intelligence chiefs presented their Worldwide Threat Assessment Report (assessment of global threats) before the Senate on Tuesday.

In May last year, President Donald Trump had separated the United States from the nuclear deal with Iran.

Over the past year, the US had separated from the historic nuclear deal with Iran in 2015. President Trump’s decision was criticized not only in America but throughout the world.

Last year, Trump had taken concrete measures to improve diplomatic relations with North Korea, along with the North Korean leader Kim Jong, who also met him.

After this visit, Trump had said that Kim has agreed to free North Korea from nuclear weapons.

After meeting Kim, Trump had said that now the nuclear threat of North Korea has ended. Although many experts questioned this claim of Trump

The report also warns about possible cyber attacks from Russia and China. It has been said in the report that both the countries can try to influence Presidential elections in 2020.

It has also been said in the report that the leaders of North Korea consider destructive weapons necessary for the existence of their power and there is no possibility of ending North Korea’s own weapons program.

What did Trump say about Iran?

Trump has said in his tweet that the American intelligence officers are na├»ve and inaccurate in the case of Iran’s threats.

Trump said that Iran is causing trouble only in the Middle East but also outside it, but since it has been separated from America’s ‘useless Iran agreement’ it has changed quite a bit.

However, Trump also said that Iran still remains a source of potential risks and conflicts. He also cited the rockets being fired by Iran in recent times.

CIA Director Gina Hospel had said before the Senate that if technically seen, Iran is following the nuclear deal.

The United States has separated from this agreement and has imposed strict sanctions on Iran.

However, in the Intelligence report, it has been warned that Iran’s territorial ambitions and better military capabilities can be a threat to the future of the US interests.

In the past year, Trump had to face severe criticism from Democrats and Republican leaders. He defended Russia on charges of Russian intervention in the 2016 US elections.

US intelligence agencies reached the conclusion that Russia occupied the presidential elections. Intelligence agencies had said that Russia was making efforts to fight Democrat Hillary Clinton against the elections.

But after a direct meeting with the Russian President in Helsinki in July 2018, Trump had said that Russia has no reason to interfere in the US elections.

However, within 24 hours of criticism, he tried to overturn his statement.

USA’s Special Investigation Officer Robert Muller is conducting independent investigations into allegations of Russian occupation in the presidential elections.

President Trump has repeatedly said that these investigations are an attempt to get revenge from them.