Dharma and caste information sought from doctors in AIIMS Delhi: Press review

According to a report of the Indian Express, the details of religion and caste have been sought from senior doctors working in Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences, ie AIIMS. The director of AIIMS regarded this as an unfair and shocking step.

In fact, AIIMS has sought his full details from the doctors in which religion and caste information have been sought. This form of a page was distributed last week for the purpose of preparing the database of all the doctors.

Dr. Randeep Gularia, Director of AIIMS has told the Indian Express that he has no information about this form. He has also said that at any time in AIIMS doctors have not been asked about their religion and caste.

According to a report published in the Times of India, the central government can soon provide relief to the farmers. The central government cabinet will soon announce Relief Package to give relief to the farmers. It is believed that this step is being taken to calm the farmers’ dissatisfaction before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Ministry of Agriculture has made several suggestions for the purpose of providing long term and short term relief to the farmers.

Industrialist Mehul Choksi, who has left India, has said that he has full faith in the court of Antigua. According to a report of Hindustan Times, Choksi has said that the petition related to his extradition is being heard in the court of Antigua now and he has brown faith on the court. He said, “Of course India is my birthplace but now I am not healthy and I am not in a position to travel. Once I recover and I will be able to travel then I will definitely clean my name.” Mehul Vigilance and his relative Neerav Modi are accused of not returning from the banks of India with debt. At present, he has returned the Indian passport and has taken the citizenship of Antigua. Government of India is making efforts to bring them back.

According to a report of the Indian Express, the attempt to transfer high profile Judge Justice S Murlidhar to the Delhi High Court was done in the Collegium, which was stopped by the Supreme Court. The newspaper has quoted sources saying that these efforts can be done again. According to the newspaper, the transfer of Justice Murlidhar has been discussed twice in December and January in the Collegium. Justice Muralidhar is known for his decisions given in matters related to communal violence and personal liberty. In the year 2018, he gave several important decisions in the Delhi High Court, which was discussed across the country.

Polar Vortex can be a severe cold in the US, up to -70 degrees Mercury

The most severe cold of the last several decades in the USA has been falling. Because of the snowy cyclone running from the North Pole, the ice sheet in the mid-western states of America has fallen. It is being called Polar Vortex.

Because of this, more than 9 crore people here are forced to stay at zero -17 degrees.

Schools, business establishments and government offices are closed. Hundreds of flights canceled in entire Middle East states

Mercury in the city of Chicago is down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. The city’s mayor has appealed to not leave the people. The Chicago River has solidified.

Middle-West states have been declared as Emergencies in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois as well as the warming southern states of Alabama and Mississippi.

According to the Meteorological Department, the snowfall will continue and in many areas the snow may get up to 24 inches.

Weather forecasters estimate that one of the busiest cities in the country can be more cold in Antarctica than in the coming days in Chicago.

Blizzard in 10 states Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri and Montana

Ryan Coccurek lives in Chicago. Speaking to the BBC about the situation here, he said, “It’s incredible.” As soon as I got a cold air out of the house, it was difficult to breathe, it’s as if the air does not have oxygen. You are suffocating, and if your nose is blowing then it is even more dangerous because your nose gets accumulated suddenly. This is the most awkward experience of my life. “

Due to the polar cyclone called Polar Vortex, there is a deadly cold in many parts of the United States.

Due to polar vortex, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning of below-min to -40 to -70 degree Celsius temperature.

The temperature in Chicago will be lower than Antarctica.

Because of this, it is estimated that at least half a million people are experiencing cold-burning experience.

The governor of the Illinois province has imposed an emergency.

People in Iowa province have been advised not to take deep breaths and talk less.

Snowfall may also occur in southern provinces Alabama and Georgia. These polar cyclones are moving from the North Pole to the south.

Here the polar vortex is being told about the reason for the tremendous winter in India.

The weather may be due to the cold winds coming from the Arctic in the cold winter in the cold winter of northern India.

According to the Meteorological Department, due to fluctuations in the winds from the Polar Vortex (Polar Cyclone), the effect of the cold since December last year has been increasing in North India.

200 crore near irs sirram meena, counting still now

Post office, status and wealth wealth Everything was near them. His heart was to reach Parliament. But before that, the anti-corruption bureau arrested the Narcotics Department Deputy Commissioner, Sataram Meena, in Kota by taking bribe allegedly on Republic Day.

Meena fluttered in the morning and took a firm stand on true loyalty. Now the officials are accounting for their wealth.

According to officials, the figure has reached more than two hundred crore. According to officials of the Bureau, till now, Meena has received a record of 25 million cash, 106 plot, 25 shops, petrol pump, Marriage home, jewelery and agricultural land.

Machine for counting money
Meena had to get help from the machine to calculate the money she got. It has been learned that he has also invested in Bitcoin.

Bureaucrats are looking for electronic devices to detect cryptoconcines that used to be mined.

According to officials, after holding them there was no fear on their face nor any wrinkle on the face.

Apart from Anti Corruption, Additional Superintendent of Police Chandrakil Thakur told the BBC that Mirza is being questioned now.

Dalal Kamlesh Dhark along with Meena has been arrested. Dhark has been arrested for giving a bribe of one lakh rupees.

He is also a broker of Meena. His father cultivates opium An official connected with the investigation said that Meena is not cooperating in the investigation. In the inquiry, Meena said that he had ancestral money.

The bureau has received such documents during the proceedings, which revealed that Meena wanted to contest the Lok Sabha election.

He was ready to contest from any party from both the BJP and the Congress.

There was a little time in retirement
Meena came to government service in 1989 and climbed up the stairs and became a member of the Indian Revenue Service in 1997.

There was little time left in his retirement. Officials questioned the speed, so they talked of being relieved

After that, he was immediately taken to the hospital. However doctors declared him healthy.

Bureaucrats Thakur says that we want to inquire with them and find out who was involved in this work of bribe and how big was this series.

Chief of the Farmers and Narcotics Department
According to officials, there is a bridge between the peasants and narcotics department in opium cultivation. The headman only weighs and calculates the size of opium in that village.

Kamlesh wanted to make his father head in his village, but despite the eligibility another person was made the head.

The officials of Bureau officials had a lot of time to look at Meena, so Kamlesh and Meena’s phones were kept under surveillance.

Everything happened like a film legend. The Bureau kept an eye on Meena. On the Republic Day, as soon as Meena came out of his house for the ceremony, two Narcotics employees of his vehicle escorted on the bike.

Accused Mina flagged off and gave a speech on honesty for twenty minutes. Then returned home and as soon as Kamlesh gave a bribe of one lakh rupees, he was arrested.

Meena of Sawai Madhopur district in Rajasthan has been in government service for three decades. According to officials engaged in the investigation, they have been suspended.

However, in this regard, the Narcotics Department located in Kota was told that they did not know about it.

None of the officers in Gwalior, headquarter of Narcotics Department, were not ready to talk about this matter. According to the Bureau, accused Meena has several lockers and bank accounts.

Great assets

Meena has got documents of having 106 land in Jaipur.

These include Meena’s name 23, son Manish’s name 23, wife Premalata’s name 42, 12 names for relatives and wife’s name in 42 shops.

The name of the son in Mumbai is a flat. Apart from this, there are many vehicles and houses in Jaipur. In it, the Jagatpura house in Jaipur received two crore 26 lakh rupees in three Attachments.

The officials of the bureau asked the accused Meena, when his salary was 1.5 lakh rupees, then how did he earn so much property. In the interrogation so far, the accused has described themselves as a culprit.

Meanwhile, the farmers’ farming community has alleged that for the last several years, there was an open game of corruption in the Narcotics Department.

Opportunities for opium cultivation are permitted in seven districts of Rajasthan and for this the government allows farmers to cultivate certain conditions.

Chaudhary Ramnarayan, chairman of the Indian Opium Farmers Development Committee, said, “Farmers have been raising voice against corruption since the beginning, but no one was listening. I was pleasantly surprised when the Anti Corruption Department took action because we were tired of complaining

Opium producers have been sitting on dharna at Chittaurgarh district headquarters since last 445 days. Demand for the solution of the problems of opium farmers is being sought in this dharane. It also includes the issue of corruption.

Chaudhary, chairman of the committee, says, “We have gone to Delhi and have staged a protest on Jantar Mantar but who hears the grievances of the farmer, government officials have created such policies that the amount can be recovered from the farmers.”

Chaudhary alleges that the officers of the department are engaged in illegal work. “They charge the farmers by threatening to cancel the license of opium cultivation.