Amir Khan quarrels over seven years from Juhi Chawla

In India, celebrity weddings and their wedding expenses often become the subject of discussion.

Last year, Isha Ambani, Deepika-Ranveer, Priyanka-nik and Sonam made marriages in a great way, the same Amir told that the cost of their first marriage was less than Rs. 10.

Aamir, who was admitted to the BBC, told that his first marriage was secretly in 1986 from Reena Dutta.

He says, “My marriage with Reena was very economical.I caught a bus of 211 for the Bandra station, from where I took 50 paise and when I landed in Bandra West I crossed the bridge in Bandra East and walked on the highway towards the highway. Gaya crossed the highway and came home to the house where marriage was registered as registrar and there was a wedding in front of three witnesses. I got married within 10 rupees “

The parents of Aamir Khan of this secret marriage also did not believe. Asked on the reason, Aamir said that his biopic would reveal why his parents were not told anything about this secret marriage.

In his biopic, he would like to see his elder son Junaid Khan cast him.

Who was Aamir’s marriage witness
Reena Dutta was witness to his secret marriage, his brother, Satyajit Bhatkal, his wife Swati Bhatkal and Satyajit’s brother Anand.

With Swati Bhatkal, Aamir has also done Satyamev Jayate and is now associated with the TV movie “Rubaru Roshanhi”.

Reflecting the three true stories, “Rubaru Roshni” tells the importance of pardon.

Jihu fought for seven years
Aamir Khan, who is spreading apology, believed that he had adopted forgiveness in his personal life very delayed.

From Juhi Chawla, he did not talk for a small fight for seven years.

Aamir said about the incident, “The fight between Marie and Juhi was done on a small talk of Ishq film in 1997. I was so excited that during the film shoot I was 50 feet away from Juhi He used to say no, he used to say no by saying only for work. For seven years, we did not talk to each other.

This distinction of Aamir Khan and Juhi was removed in 2003 when news of Aamir Khan and his first wife Reena’s diwors started coming up.

During that time, Aamir was not related to anybody. Knowing the relation between Rina and Aamir, Juhi Chawla called Aamir Khan and took the initiative to add to the marriage and came to meet his house.

Aamir is happy that at the time of his troubles Juhi smashed silence and started talking to him

Aamir Khan, who leaned towards spirituality, believed that the ideology of Jainism has a very profound effect on him, including the forgiveness, nonviolence, whatever needs to be used and polytheism.

Last year, Aamir Khan’s film “Thugs of Hindustan” was disliked by the audience and Amir took responsibility for the film’s failure.

On the film’s fall and a bad attitude in the audience, Aamir says, “I took full responsibility for the film’s flop because the viewer had come to see the film in my name, the audience has complete authority whatever they want to say. After all, I had a film flop after a long time, people got an opportunity to get out of trouble. Only by doing a good film, I can recover from it. Question. “

Currently, Aamir Khan is busy deciding which will do the next film, which he will reveal in the next one month.