Venezuelan crisis: America warns of action

US National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned Venezuela that if US diplomats and opposition leaders Khuan Guido have also been hit, then a pronounced response will be given.

By tweeting on Sunday, Bolton said that attempts to frighten in this manner would weaken the law system.

They gave this warning when the United States and more than 20 countries recognized Khuan Goidou as interim President. Goido accused President Nicolas Maduro of rigging in elections held last year.

This month President Maduro sworn in for another term. But the opposition had accused of rigging in votes and boycotted elections.

After this, after the appeal of Opposition leader Khuan Guido, Venezuela began to perform extensively in Venezuela.

At the peak of political crisis

The political crisis in Venezuela is now seen reaching the peak. Opposition has sparked efforts to oust Maduro.

Earlier on Sunday, Venezuelan’s top military counterpart had changed the mind of the Maduro government to the United States, saying that he considers Khuan Goidou as the president.

After this, American National Security Advisor Bolton put the American side through Twitter and said that there should not be any attempt to intimidate US diplomats and opposition leaders in any way.

Meanwhile, many European countries have given ultimatum on Saturday that if they are not announced in Venezuela for an election within eight days, then they will recognize Goindo as the president.

These countries include Spain, Germany, France and Britain.

But Nicholas Maduro rejected it, saying that European countries should withdraw this ultimatum.

On Sunday, he told CNN that Venezuela is not a mortgage of Europe and this proposal is a kind of insult.

Maduro said that he is ready to “communicate” to the people opposing his claim.

He also said that “US President Donald Trump” has sent many messages but he has ignored us.

Who is supporting Maduro?

Russia, China, Mexico and Turkey have candidly supported Maduro.

In a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Saturday, Russia accused the United States of creating conspiracies of coup in Venezuela.

However, more than a dozen Latin American countries and Canada have supported opposition leader Goido as the President.

Why are Maduro unpopular?

Venezuela is currently facing a financial crisis. The basic things have come to an end and for this millions have had to flee.

Maduro has had to face criticism from both the inside and outside the country because of poor image and human rights failure due to human rights.

Last year he was elected for another term, but the elections were surrounded by controversies. Many opposition leaders were either stopped from contesting or were put in jail.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court Judge fled to the USA in January this year, where he told reporters that the elections were not fair