The first song by Youtube Star Amit Bhadana was launched by Tehelka, so many lakhs of views found in 15 hours

Last night, Amit Bhadana released his first rap song ‘Introduction’, hit the Internet, on top trending in just a few hours …

New Delhi: Amit Bhadana, who has made Youtube sensation for years on the basis of his comedy, has made a different spy on the Internet since last night. His new video came on YouTube late last night, from the morning till the first place in the trending list. Not only that, many views of this video are increasing every minute. But the more shocking thing is that Amit is not doing a comedy this time but as a rap singer.

Nearly three million views in 15 hours
Even though Amit, who has recently got 12 million subscribers, has got the first song, but his fans are liking their rapper in this way, seeing that his video has surfaced on the internet. This video has so far received 2 million 75 thousand views, which is why it has become YouTube’s top trending song.

What is special
As the title of this song is ‘Introduction’, it is completely amit or it is the introduction of a common Indian stargazing youth. In this 7-minute 11-second long rap, Amit’s life can be seen from the childhood till now. Their complete failures and incomplete dreams are also seen in this song. Watch this video …

Will be immortalized
When you look at this whole video, you can also make it very emotional. Especially for the youth, it is very encouraging that they are staggering to make their identities. It will not be wrong to say that Amit is doing this instead of roaming instead of laughing. The song is emotional, but with this it seems to be waking up too.

Everyone talked thanks
In the song, Amit is speaking thanks to every person involved in his life with his fancy. Not only that, he has been able to tell the whole story of his dreams in it.

Who are amit
Amit Bhadana has become a YouTube Star on Tehelka on YouTube. His fans of Amit Bhadana’s videos are eagerly waiting. As soon as the video is released, its views reach millions of crores. Not only that, their videos are trending on YouTube in just a few hours. Often their video numbers appear on one.

Amit has studied law, but he started uploading his own video on YouTube and watched watching his videos hit. It is also certain that Amit completely uses the native language in his videos.