Coalition will survive after the threat of Kumaraswamy?

The threat of HD Kumaraswamy’s threat to leave the Chief Minister’s post of Congress-Janata Dal-Secular coalition government has had the same effect as he wanted. Congress has publicly declared its MLAs who have criticized Kumaraswamy.

Recently, Congress MLA ST Somashekar, who became the chairman of the Bangalore Development Authority, arrived in the Congress office in a hurry and apologized to the party leaders. Incharge of Karnataka and the Congress general secretary KC Venugopal ordered him to do so.

Somashekhar is among the Congress MLAs who have openly said that ‘even though the coalition has appointed Kumaraswamy at the Chief Minister’s post but for him Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is only for him. It is a different matter that Congress, while making the government of Kumaraswamy, has supported him for five years.

The results of the assembly elections in Karnataka came on May 15 In the 224-seat assembly, the Congress was very far away from the required 113 seats and then when the coalition government was formed with JDS, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Ashok Gehlot and other Congress leaders had pledged support for Kumarsaswami for five years.

JDS and Congress were strong opponents of each other in South Karnataka and both of them targeted at each other in their election campaign. But in order to prevent BJP from becoming a government in the state, Congress has given a go-ahead to support Kumaraswamy.

Why are Kumaraswamy angry?

Before long, the supporters of the Congress chief minister Siddaramaiah have publicly said that their allegiance is with Siddaramaiah. Siddaramaiah also ensured that the Congress legislators get adequate representation in cabinet, state boards and corporations.

It is also true that in the early days of the coalition government, JDS Ministers avoided the work of Congress legislators, which caused resentment in them. This made Congress legislators too disappointed because they could not publicly criticize the government due to coalition religion.

In the last few weeks, Kumaraswamy also tried to resolve their issues during a meeting of Congress MLAs. This reduced the disappointment of Congress MLAs and some work started in their assembly constituencies.

It can also be said that due to Operation Lotus 3.0, BJP, for the purpose of demolishing the government in Karnataka, came to the congressional MLA and JDS minister.

The BJP has 102 MLAs in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. Operation Kamal BJP is being asked to do the trick in which Congress MLAs want to give their resignation in their respective areas, which reduces the number of assembly and it will be in the condition of forming a government.

But in the last few days, some supporters of Siddaramaiah returned to their old ways. To say in Somashekar’s words: “The government has taken seven months, but the development work in the state has not started yet. If Siddaramaaya gets the term of five years, we will see the real progress.”

Congress minister C Potturanga Shetty, reiterating Somasekhara’s remarks, said, “I can not think of being on the side of Chief Minister’s post except Siddaramaiah.”

Kumaraswamy: From BJP to Duel of Congress by Dushmani
Kumaraswamy is known as a passionate person. But on the question of Somashekar and others, he gave a reaction to the question of a journalist, he also surprised his closest allies. While many felt that they had to stop the complaints of Congress legislators.

Kumaraswamy said, “It is the responsibility of the Congress leaders to keep an eye on these disputes, I left it on them, you should ask them these questions, if it continues, I am ready to quit.” Now he (coalition K) are crossing the line. “

A JDS leader said, “I do not want to violate my party’s discipline like Congress MLAs. But is there any work of development that is not happening, Congressmen are not shooting in their own feet? Do not they see that the most systematic farmer in the country is being implemented in Karnataka?
There is nothing new in the politics of the coalition to come out in this way. Between 2004 and 2008, coalitions were used in Karnataka when Congress and JDS and JDS and BJP coalition governments lasted two-two years.

So will this coalition prevail in today’s situation?

Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Professor of Pro-Vice Chancellor and Political Affairs at Jain University, says, “It is threatening before the talks of seat sharing for the Lok Sabha elections.”

Both need this coalition and both can not live without this coalition.