Amrita Singh said on the date Choice of Sara Ali Khan?

Ever since Sara Ali Khan said in Karan Johar’s talk show that he wants to date Karthik Aryan, then both of these actors have remained in the discussion.

After that Ranveer Singh tried to mix them together at an event. Now Kartik Aryan has given yes to the coffee date.

During an event when Kartik Aryan was asked how to reach the matter related to the date of Sara Ali Khan, he said, “I am ready for a coffee date, tell me where and where I have heard his mother Amrita Singh Have said, “Stop and let Kartik’s reaction come, it’s too much.” I’m ready. “

Sarah had reached Karan Johar’s show with her father Saif Ali Khan.

Both are 100 million film actors.

Whereas Sara Ali Khan’s movie ‘Simba’ has earned a lot, Kartik Aryan, who has done films like ‘Pyaar Ka Pankhamma’, has also given ‘Saunu’s Teetoo Ki Sweety’ films.

Both films have earned more than 100 crores in 2018 and many people think that this will be the next generation star.

Now Kartik Aryan is working in ‘Luka Huppi’, which can be seen with her, Kriti Sanon.

Kareena never tried to become a mother
Ways to talk about Sara Ali Khan’s words have impressed many. Whatever interview she gives, she speaks openly. Whether he wants to talk about Kartik Aryan or something about Kareena. She says she does not have any problem with Kareena.

Sara Ali Khan said that Kareena never tried to become a mother.

Sara Ali Khan said, “My father has not cooperated with us and my mother Amrita Singh has told us that she is my mother, and if it is for Kareena, if you are happy because of my father, then I Happy.”

Sara says, “Well, Kareena does everything very well, but the one thing I want to learn from him is Balance in Life, Insha Allah, one day I will definitely learn from them.”

In childhood, Sarah was a character fan. She was ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ in Kareena Kapoor’s character ‘Poo’.

Sara did not think far away that one day his favorite ‘Poo’ would become his father’s second wife.