Paytm New Year Offer: Cashback up to Rs 2019 for users, Pick up benefits like this

New Delhi (Tech Desk) Paytm has brought a fantastic new year 2019 offer to its users. Under this, cashback of up to Rs 2,019 is being given to the users. This cashback user will be given only on booking a flight ticket. Let us know that this is a promotional offer. If you are planning to travel somewhere and want to book flight tickets, then this offer can give you cashback. To avail this offer, users will need to use the NEWYEARLY promo code when booking tickets.

Cashback will be available to a user once:

Most importantly, there is no minimum amount to avail of this offer. However, a user can take advantage of this offer ie Cashback only once. Cashback will be available within 24 hours after booking the flight. For this, when you are booking tickets via Paytm, you will need to use the NEWYEARLY promo code. Doing this will give you a cashback.

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Learn how much cashback you will get on the flight ticket:

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  • A flat ticket booking of Rs 5,000 will get a cashback of Rs 150.
  • If you book a flight ticket between Rs 5001 and Rs 8,000, then it will get a cashback of Rs 250.
  • For book tickets between Rs 8,000 and Rs 15,000, cashback of Rs 500 will be available.
  • For book tickets between Rs 15,001 and Rs 30,000, cashback of Rs 650 will be available.
  • For booking flight tickets between Rs 30,001 and Rs 50,000, cashback of Rs 1,000 will be available.
  • For book tickets between Rs 50,001 and Rs 1,00,000, cashback of Rs 1,500 will be available.
  • A cashback of Rs 2,019 on a flight ticket of Rs 1,00,001 or more will be available.