Polar Vortex can be a severe cold in the US, up to -70 degrees Mercury

The most severe cold of the last several decades in the USA has been falling. Because of the snowy cyclone running from the North Pole, the ice sheet in the mid-western states of America has fallen. It is being called Polar Vortex.

Because of this, more than 9 crore people here are forced to stay at zero -17 degrees.

Schools, business establishments and government offices are closed. Hundreds of flights canceled in entire Middle East states

Mercury in the city of Chicago is down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. The city’s mayor has appealed to not leave the people. The Chicago River has solidified.

Middle-West states have been declared as Emergencies in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois as well as the warming southern states of Alabama and Mississippi.

According to the Meteorological Department, the snowfall will continue and in many areas the snow may get up to 24 inches.

Weather forecasters estimate that one of the busiest cities in the country can be more cold in Antarctica than in the coming days in Chicago.

Blizzard in 10 states Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri and Montana

Ryan Coccurek lives in Chicago. Speaking to the BBC about the situation here, he said, “It’s incredible.” As soon as I got a cold air out of the house, it was difficult to breathe, it’s as if the air does not have oxygen. You are suffocating, and if your nose is blowing then it is even more dangerous because your nose gets accumulated suddenly. This is the most awkward experience of my life. “

Due to the polar cyclone called Polar Vortex, there is a deadly cold in many parts of the United States.

Due to polar vortex, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning of below-min to -40 to -70 degree Celsius temperature.

The temperature in Chicago will be lower than Antarctica.

Because of this, it is estimated that at least half a million people are experiencing cold-burning experience.

The governor of the Illinois province has imposed an emergency.

People in Iowa province have been advised not to take deep breaths and talk less.

Snowfall may also occur in southern provinces Alabama and Georgia. These polar cyclones are moving from the North Pole to the south.

Here the polar vortex is being told about the reason for the tremendous winter in India.

The weather may be due to the cold winds coming from the Arctic in the cold winter in the cold winter of northern India.

According to the Meteorological Department, due to fluctuations in the winds from the Polar Vortex (Polar Cyclone), the effect of the cold since December last year has been increasing in North India.